Our Wild World Alligators and Crocodiles Book!

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Four fascinating reptiles are the subjects of the newest titles in the Our Wild World series. In each book, kids will find the real stories behind these mysterious creatures, and how they've earned their distinct reputations. Each begins with a brief section on reptile families and the differences and similarities between them, such as the differences between a snake with legs and a lizard with no legs! Detailed information on habitat, diet, breeding, babies, socialization, dangers, and life cycles are covered, highlighted by full-color photos and Fun Facts throughout. Young readers will discover why alligators are sometimes called living bulldozers. They'll also find out what happens when a lizard loses its tail, what a rattlesnake's rattlers are made of, and which species of turtle can close its shell up like a box.

For grades 2-5, 48 pages long. 8.61 x 0.16 x 8.72 inches

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